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SFE or other Acceleration for Wifi Router

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Does the version of DD-WRT firmware used in the Low EMF Wifi Router support acceleration, i.e. for Fios gigabit internet service?

For example:

SFE accelerated NAT was added to DD-WRT since build 33006 (kernel 3.10+)

Shaun A Kranish Principal
  • Answered

We do not use DD-WRT, but our firmware does support CTF (cut-through-forwarding). It must be enabled (default is off) by going to Advanced > Miscellaneous.

However, some other advanced features could interfere with CTF on this router. Features such as QoS could disabled the CTF.

We don't offer a whole lot of support via phone or Internet for advanced features like this, but the router does support this one :)  We will certainly try to help you how we may.