Cat 6 vs. Cat 7

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Hi Shaun (or whoever is monitoring this email),


I was thinking of ordering some ethernet cables.


Could you tell me which of your Cat 6 or 7 cables might be better to stop or reduce EMF’s more?



Thank you,


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Shaun is a real fair and good guy.

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Andrew Z
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Hey Brett,

Both cat6 and cat7 cables are the same when it comes to EMF.  Cat7 is just a thicker wire and can hold a higher data load mainly used for businesses that have high data transfers, that is what the difference is between the two.  We got a high demand for cat7 that we added to our website.  The cat6 is a very good and reliable cable and will work in any home just fine.  If there is anything else we can help with please feel free to contact us at anytime.  


Shaun A Kranish Principal

Yes, that's correct the cables we sell will both perform the same for EMF.  We cannot recommend or speak to other cables, because there are many designs for cable construction and shielding.  We have seen some very bad designs out there that will not do a good job for EMF/EMR/EMI purposes, even though they are labeled Cat6 or Cat7.  So best to stick with our cables.

Just make sure you properly ground the cable at ONE end.  We recommend grounding at the end near you - where your computer or device is.  Then the other end can plug into a plastic port on a switch or router.  If you have a metal switch/router, then we recommend using the ethernet isolator at the switch/router.  For laptops that have either plastic Ethernet jacks (ungroundable) or NO Ethernet jack at all, the Ultimate grounding USB to Ethernet adapter is the way to go.

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Thomas, Brett

Hi Andrew,


Thank you for your detailed response.


Appreciate it.


Thomas, Brett

Hi Shaun,


Thank you for your nice comment. Remember me? I was in the red duplex on Walnut ave in Hanover Park. You worked on my house (by fixing the ground on the water line and doing some electrical).


I have ordered from your website a couple of times, and I probably will in the future.


I still want to hire you to adjust 2-3 of my lamp cords, to make them EMF happy. 😊



Yes, you can put the below public, so others can digest it, also.



Shaun A Kranish Principal
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