I plugged a Stetzerizer meter into NaturesGenerator battery inverter with a computer, and it read 331 vice about 115 when plugged into home outlet. PC no longer crashes when running off battery vs several times day with home outlet. Is inverter cleaner

KHK 4 years ago updated by Shaun A Kranish (Principal) 4 years ago 1

Is battery inverter cleaner than outlet power with smartmeter?  PC no longer crashes plugged into a Natures Generator Battery Inverter. However, stetzerizer meter reads 331 with inverter, while outlet about 115.


Thanks!  FYI, it is 175 when plugged into AC outlet for self charging.

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A higher number means more unwanted energy (microsurge electrical pollution also called dirty electricity or EMI) is on the line.

My guess is that the battery backup is helping from the standpoint of other power quality issues such as brief sags or drop in power causing your system to glitch.  Does this make sense?  While it's helping with one thing, it is also not providing cleaner power, if that makes sense.  Over time dirty power can also wear out a computer circuits causing premature failure of electronic components.