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Smart Meter Home Building Code Location Restrictions?

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NV Energy slyly stole my analog meter and replaced it with a smart meter when I wasn't home and they never even notified me of this. Two company reps, not techs, were apparently visiting homeowners attempting to get us to authorize this swap out. However, I politely but flatly refused to have a deadly irradiation smart meter implanted on my home. Because I'm not ready to take the dirt nap just to serve the globalist, leftist, deep state, elites genocidal depopulation agenda. Call me crazy!

My home's 34 years old and it was very poorly designed and built with the electrical panel/meter on the exterior side of my master bedroom headboard wall. Thus, my heads been right up next to it while sleeping until I just recently moved my bed. Presumably, this wasn't a building code violation way back then. However, hasn't it been changed/revised since then? At least since the proliferation of these very harmful irradiating dumb meters if not even prior to that? Thanks for any and all responses.

Andrew Z
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Hey There,

We are sorry that the electric company took you meter.  We've been hearing a lot of that happening recently.  When it comes to the electric companies and there meters, we can not give any advice on the subject.  The reason for that is every state, county, or township has the own set of rules and laws and we simply cant keep track of all that.   You might need to talk to someone from the electric company about this or maybe even someone who practices laww in your area.  I'm sorry that we couldn't answer your questions.  We really hope for the best result for you as well.  

Thank You,



Andrew Z,

Thanks for your reply. However, may I ask what your position is with I'm not seeking empathy but a solution to my serious dilemma. Rampant big business and government crime including deliberate slow kill murderous genocide doesn't make it any less of a crime simply because it's common. Just the opposite in fact. Laws may differ from state to state but you can still give general advise or refer to the specific building code laws of Nevada where I reside as I noted. 

Clearly, my electric company NV Energy (Warren Buffet & Berkshire Hathaway) is corrupt and complicit with the globalist, leftist, deep state, elites genocidal depopulation agenda. As are essentially all, if not all, the lawyers. Hence, how could I count on them to try to resolve the harmful and life threatening problem they deliberately created? Apparently, you're also under the control, perhaps out of fear of retaliation, of these genocidal maniacs with your dodgy and evasive reply. Therefore, please refer my question to your supervisor.  

Shaun A Kranish Principal

Hi Jim,

Andrew is a customer service representative, and he is always excited to try to help customers and potential customers with questions.  I saw this thread, so I thought it might help if I reply myself.  I am the owner of the company - a small family company in Rockford, Illinois - not affiliate or owned by anyone else or any other company.  There are no shareholders - we are beholden to no one but ourselves.

We do have a mission statement, because we are NOT a profit-driven company:

To continually advance healthier electricity and electronics with innovative and proven products, services, and information, empowering and engaging one another for a naturally healthy planet and people.

We are totally on the same page with you.  We do not like smart meters, period.  That's why we have been carrying analog electric meters for some years now - maybe 7 years?  We don't like the privacy issues, the freedom issues, the creepy surveillance and record issues, the health issues, and the lying and conniving, corrupt behavior of these energy execs and their revolving-door "regulators" and other corrupt government personnel.  We encourage and try to help people.

The best way we've found is to send legal notices such as those found at: or - from here you can find documents that you can create a notarized affidavit that puts the power company and individuals on notice and makes them liable.  Then people who have switched out their meters afterwards have had REALLY good success at keeping their analog meters and helping others to do the same.  So I would really highly encourage you to check out those websites.

Andrew was convey, as instructed, that we can't take on liability of giving legal advice because we are not attorneys.  Nor can we take on liability for giving medical advice or local/state building code advice, etc.  So as long as you understand this, we are happy to just share information and hopefully it will be helpful.

We try to do this as much as we can, but we are also trying to keep true to our mission of continually advancing healthy technology and having solutions as well.  So we are a bit limited on time as far as how much we can help an individual without receiving any kind of compensation from that.  I hope you understand.

We are with you 1000% though and we love it when people buy these meters and use them.  It feels great every time an analog meter goes out the door.  I hope this is helpful

Shaun A Kranish Principal
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