Satisfaction mark by Lynne Gray 5 years ago

I have heard of these devices, but we have never tested them.  We aren't even aware of any measurement equipment/meters that can objectively measure "geopathic stress."  There isn't exactly any scientific standards or definitions of "geopathic stress" that I know of either.  Some people use very subjective methods of measuring it, like dousing, etc.  While I can't dismiss anything - we are a scientific/engineering company.  We stay in the realm of what we can measure.  There is so much a person can do to improve readings and measurements for real scientific fields/radiation, that keeps us busy enough.  We don't delve into metaphysical or feel-good products, or products that don't have compelling scientific evidence that they work.

If someone has a meter for "geopathic stress" - then I would be interested.  Then perhaps the pad could also be measured.

I would be very wary to purchase products like this.  We think it's best to clean up sources that produce measurable pollution in the home/office.  Perhaps when all of that is exhausted, other products could be reviewed and tried.