Strange current measurements at panel

Davit 5 years ago updated by Shaun A Kranish (Principal) 5 years ago 1

I have ES and have been chasing down electrical gremlins in my house for months. I would like to purchase some phone consult time with shaun but I'm confused by the back order status. I'm wondering if there are issues with my panel. Here is a Video link to the problem: https://cl.ly/5682f3c01c41



Satisfaction mark by Davit 5 years ago

We fixed the backorder status - that was a mistake on the website.  You may now checkout with the phone consulting.  Sorry for the confusion there!

I am available Thursday, and then Friday afternoon, but then I will be out of town for one week.  This issue will definitely take some focused attention, so the phone consulting is perfect.  You can email us at support@electrahealth.com to setup the time for the session.  Thank you!!