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measuring Dirty electricity via ME gigaherz series of meters

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The descriptions of the some of the ME state they can measure dirty electricity.   Here it the wordage used in the description:   It's very accurate and picks up just about everything in its advertised frequency range of 5 Hertz to 100,000 Hertz (100 kHz)

How would you measure dirty electricity using these meters?

I purchased but not received it yet this meter, should I return it and get one of the ME meters?

Image 3967

digital electric field meter.

Here is the Range stated Sensitive from 1 - 19,999 V/m. 2% accuracy from 40 Hz to 20 kHz, but can be used up to 100 kHz.

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Shaun A Kranish Principal
  • Answered

I would not recommend this meter at all.  The ME series meters are better and more versatile in my opinion.  So-called "body voltage" measurement is also a very sensitive way to help identify and measure electric fields.  But ultimately "dirty electricity" or now as we call it microsurge electrical pollution - my recommended way to measure is the Stetzerizer Microsurge Meter.