We turned off the wi f on our dish hopper. We still found wi fi fields from the joey.

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We were told how to  turned off the wi f on our dish hopper.. We still found wi fi fields from the joey. They said the joey talks to the hopper with the cable with the cable coming from the dish. The did not have any ideas on how to disable  this wireless communication.  We had to down grade because of this.for us with this.  Does any of you know how to disable this wifi?


Did you try going through all of the on-screen settings for the devices?  I do not have much experience with Dish equipment, so I can't speak to how to get this off.  The best advice for now would be to shut it off via complete power disconnect (use one of these if you need to) at all times while you are not using it, and as a temporary measure wrap it with lots of shielding cloth.  3 feet of cloth would allow you to wrap it in a few layers for sure.  Make sure it isn't getting too hot, but it should be OK (anything you do is at your own risk).  We've never had or heard of a customer or any member of the public starting a fire with shielding cloth however.

We were walked through the process by dish network.  The WiFi was only needed to watch shows from the web.  Shutting down WiFi, did disable the ability to watch shows from the web.  If we wanted to watch these shows, we would have to drop a Ethernet cord down.   It seems  Dish network should know how to fix the joey problem. 

I may contact them and perhaps I would get a different tech.