Filter where supply enters house?

Pat 7 months ago • updated by RuthGardner 3 months ago 3

Stetzerizer meter throughout house w appliances turned off & unplugged = 540 - 939. Appliances running = 114 - 251. Does this mean problem is external to house? How do I filter where the power supply enters?


When devices are turned on/off in the house, it changes the properties of the electrical system.  So often times an empty house can have higher numbers than a house with ordinary devices plugged-in.  However, certain devices like dimmers, computers, LED or CFL bulbs, etc can make much higher readings yet and be hazardous, as many people believe and evidence has shown.

The answer is yes - power coming in from the grid is never completely clean.  It contains high frequencies that will interact with the wiring and devices inside your home.  There is a guide to installing Stetzerizer Filtesr where the power enters:

Installing Stetzerizer Filters at Main Circuit Breaker Panel

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