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I understand that using dirty electricity filters will strengthen the electric current.  How will this affect my appliances, heat and air units, etc.  Will a stronger current damage them?


I am pleased with the filters I am already using, but need this information before ordering more.


Thank you


Very prompt in answering my questions.

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The Stetzerizer filters move a small amount of current through the electrical system from the power company and through the house through the filter.  They do NOT, however, increase current flowing through devices.  There is no negative effect or risk on appliances.  The filters actually help to protect appliances and electronics.  The filters can help motors to run more efficiently and cooler, and help cancel out voltage spikes on the power system.  I can think of one example of a school in Wisconsin that after installing the filters, they didn't have to replace computers and electronics nearly as much - saving enormously on their electronics budget each year.

I hope that helps.  In 10 years the only device I can even think of that the filters interfered with was one particular home automation system that used the powerlines for communication.  The filters are compatible with just about everything and don't cause any negative side effects with devices/appliances :)

Let me know if I can help with anything else. Have a great day!

Shaun, are you referring to PLC/power line communication? My smart meter uses that method, rather than  the wireless transmission most people think they have, and according to this article/website ( http://www.eiwellspring.org/smartmeter/TWACS.htm ), TWACS (Two-Way Automatic Communication System) cannot be blocked or filtered: "There are no filters available to block these low frequency signals.  The TWACS system is specifically designed to go right through obstacles, including isolation transformers.  Filters designed to block high-frequency dirty electricity have no effect on the lower TWACS-frequencies.  This includes the simple Stetzer filters, as well as more sophisticated filters." So I'm pretty much screwed in terms of dirty electricity in my house. Maybe I should have put this in a whole other question on the forum, but you made a reference to PLC and the subject was filters.... Thanks!

I was referring to an automated/remote lighting control system.  I was not referring to a utility meter.  That's a shame - those electronic utility meters are terrible.  It would be much better to have analog.  I always suggest fighting at all costs to keep the analog.

There are some heftier pass-through filters available.  They need to be installed by an electrician.  They are costly, but block a whole lot of everything coming into the house.  A much more sensible solution is to get that smart meter off rather than paying ten thousand dollars or more for a very robust filtering system.  That sort of filtering system can be good for people who are extremely sensitive though as it protects from other signals coming in from the grid.

Fight and don't take no for an answer.  We all gotta unite and refuse these smart meters and demand analog.

Thank you for your prompt reply.


I will be ordering more filters.  My wife has severe electromagnetic hypersensitivity and these have helped make our home more comfortable for her in the areas we are presently using them.