Ungrounded power outlets

Jen 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 4

I have multiple outlets in my rented home that are not grounded. Will the filters work in these outlets or do I need to get them re-wired. My kitchen is grounded, but nothing else is.


Great question.  The Stetzerizer Filters are designed properly to only utilize the "Hot" (ungrounded conductor) and "Neutral" (technically called the grounded conductor).

The filters are 2-prong only and designed purposely this way.  They will work great with your ungrounded outlets.  Beware of 3-prong knockoff filters made by other brands that utilize the ground plug and tie-in filtering circuitry to it.  Ground is not supposed to be used for those types of purposes.

Grounded outlets are always preferred for safety and also necessary for shielded cords and things.  So do NOT use a shielded power cord, surge suppressor, or extension cord in those ungrounded outlets.  In fact you shouldn't use any 3-prong device or cord in an ungrounded or improperly grounded outlet.

The filters are safe as they are 2-prong only, they are non-polarized so they can be used either direction (you can flip them upside-down and use them that way). They are UL listed.  Thank you for your question!

Thank you, Shaun! Unfortunately, I do not have a grounded outlet I can use with my computers and one light with a 3-prong male end. I will need to contact an electrician to come in to ground somehow. Appreciate your info!