Combined Gas/Electric Smart Meter

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I am interested in swapping our smart meter for an analog.  The meter is located in the basement.  I am confused about what type of analog meter to buy.  This meter measures both gas and electricity usage (and we have a separate smart meter for water, which I would also like to replace.. and this communicates with the gas/electric smart meter).  Is that typical of a smart meter - to measure BOTH gas and electric, I mean?  I just need advice on what type of analog meter (or meters) I will need to replace the current smart meter.  The meter is not round, like the ones I typically see pictures of.  It is a rectangular box shape, and there are analog 'clock' dials on it, but I know it transmits wireless signals because I looked up the FCC id number.  

This is the meter:

CMM1401 Utility Transmitter Maximum ID Label/Location Info 95-1550-AB Model (1)

 Landis+Gyr Technology, Inc.

Thank you!

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Thank you for contacting us. We only sell refurbished analog meters for electrical. We do not carry any other types of meters. We are sorry we are unable to assist you with your question.