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New shielded wiring on outlets in living room shows Open Ground on Pocket Tester Pro outlet tester, is this ok?

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Master Electrician did this for us to lower EMF. We actually could hear radio broadcasts coming from the outlets with the Green Wave Broadband EMI meter plugged into them.  Now this cannot be heard but we noticed that the Pocket Tester Pro was showing Open Ground. We are wondering if this is, ok? Electrician told us this shielded wiring application takes the EMF and sends it back to the earth, with shielded ground on one and to send the residual EMF to the ground rod. We are also questioning if the ground rod from the electric company is properly grounded since we can turn it around in the ground easily? Could this prevent it from getting sent to the ground rod correctly?

Shaun A Kranish Principal

That is concerning that the tester is showing open ground. Does it show "correct" on other outlets? If it shows open ground, this signifies there is no current path back to the transformer through that outlet's ground. This most likely means that the ground to the outlet is disconnected. This would not have anything to do with ground rods - though a "loose" ground rod is not optimal either since it doesn't have good pressure contact with soil. But this issue would not cause an outlet tester to show open ground.

Somewhere there is a break in that outlet's ground. An electrician should open it up and inspect it to see and test the ground conductor if it appears good to inspection. Somewhere along the line that ground is broken. Shielding won't help with electric fields unless the shielding (such as MC cable) is grounded properly.