Do you sell any personal protection products that would enable a very sensitive person to walk around in a store without pain from the EMF? Products such as pendants or bracelets that measurably reduce EMF? We've not been able to go into stores for years

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What would change our life is being able to go into stores again. Our main problem is being unable to go into stores or any building where wifi is because of the pain. Do you see any pendants or bracelets (body-worm items) that can enable someone to resume going into stores? If you don't, can you please provide one. We have tried QLink & other pendants without success.

We get pain from wireless tech. We don't own a cellphone, don't use wifi, don't have a smart meter and even finally after a 2 year search located housing in a very rural area with only 1 cell tower a ways away. Therefore, we don't have any significant problem in our home. (Although we aren't able to use one room because our meter, though analog, is recessed into a panel in our wall so emits too much LF. Any suggestions on this would be helpful as well.)

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Dear customer,

Thank you for reaching out to us. We would love to help as much as we can!

We do not carry any pendants or bracelets. They are almost impossible to measure.

We do offer fabric, paint and film. Most people who are sensitive outside of their home prefer fabric. Please refer to our website for more information. Here is the link! Thank you!



Did you see this article, EMF Sufferer?  http://support.electrahealth.com/topics/992-which-emf-products-work-and-which-dont/

I don't recommend any products that can't be measured - I haven't seen any credible or convincing science behind any of these.  There is lots of shielding clothing out there - we don't carry any at this time - but it is out there.  We could help you with your house - there may be some EMF/EMI/EMR-related problems in your home you are unaware of that could be cleaned up.  As someone sensitive, you are likely to notice an improvement after some of the fine tuning is done.

We offer phone consulting here: http://support.electrahealth.com/topics/992-which-emf-products-work-and-which-dont/

We can cover a lot of information in a short amount of time.  We also record the call and provide a copy of the call for you so you can go back and listen for reference any time you wish.