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air conditioning unit

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Jen S.

I am really computer challenged and wanted to start a conversation about how to deal with air conditioning EMF. Obviously I did this wrong, sorry for that. 

I am dealing with some painful symptoms from the air conditioning running all summer, as I do every summer. I'm wondering what can be don't to help this. Shielding? Grounding? Anything that is cheap and easy for me to try and see if it helps. Finances are low at the moment so hiring someone to help might not be an option. We are currently battling Nicor in court at the moment to keep the smart meter off of our home.

I just need some relief as this is now keeping me from sleeping well since we have to run the air conditioning all night. We turn all the power off we can, and it is not enough. I noticed when I shut it off during cooler days and nights I felt better. I have done this a couple of times, so I am convinced it is the air conditioning. 

I saw some conversations about conduit for wiring? Also about faraday caging the air conditioning unit. Has anyone tried this?