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Grounded Power switch

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Hi, will a grounded power switch (3 prong) ground ungrounded devices, meaning devices with only a two prong cable? My modem is ungrounded and I like to know so I can properly set up without any ground loops. Thank you, Anne

Seth Lindstrom
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No, a three-pronged grounded power switch will not ground a 2-prong.

What modem are you using? Are there metal ethernet ports?

- Seth

- Electrahealth Team

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Hi Seth, thanks so much for the response. Our modem does not have metal ethernet ports, therefore I'm connecting it to a switch with metal ports using a grounding cable and ground loop isolator I just bought a few days ago from your website ;)

Shaun A Kranish Principal
  • Answered

That's very good.  You can also shield the power cables if you need to with our new, revolutionary Safe Wrap cord wrap!  We always recommend measuring before and after for electric fields.  In most cases it will lower the fields significantly!  Well, it always lowers the fields from the cords, but in some cases is may not lower overall body exposure due to a cancelling effect with other circuits.  But usually it does.  This is why we always recommend measuring for electric field when doing shielding and grounding of cords.  The Trifield TF2 is a good entry meter for that.

So to summarize:

1) In most cases properly shielding and grounding cords (replacing shielded cords with our cords and using our adapters for proper grounding without creating ground loops) is extremely beneficial

2) Using ElectraHealth's Safe Wrap makes a tremendous difference (95% or greater usually) in electric field readings from a cord.

3) It is always recommended to measure - everything we do we want to see that we have improved the situation and verify that.  Measure before, measure after, put it back to original state and measure it a 3rd time.  The Trifield TF2 on Electric setting is a good entry-level meter for this.

Thank you so much for shopping with us!  We really appreciate it.  If you have anymore questions - this is a great way to get detailed answers.  And for anyone else reading, if you like our information we would really appreciate your business so that we can continue helping people by providing honest, BS-free information.

ElectraHealth Principal

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