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Low DE dimmer switch?

Ellen Whitaker 2 months ago updated by Shaun A Kranish (Principal) 1 month ago 3

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I have a neighbor who has dimmer switches that are producing RFI that make me sick. I've tried filters at my house, to no avail.  He will let me change some of the switches to simple on/off switches, but wants to keep two of them. Are there dimmer switches that claim to by DE free (or low DE) that he could try for me?

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Unfortunately there are not.  You can install Stetzerizer Filters near the dimmer.  Usually there is an outlet that is on the same circuit as the dimmer switch (look at nearby outlets to see if they jump up to like 700+ when dimmer is turned on).  This would be the best thing you could do - installing filters closest to the source.  We also have some new filters coming up that may help additionally as well with some of the super high frequency stuff.

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Thank you so much.  I managed to get the neighbor to let me change out three of the switches for normal on/off switches and we installed a "de-buzz" coil at the base of the light fixture which reduced the RFI significantly.  I would be very happy to hear about the newer filters you are anticipating that address the higher frequency stuff though, because I've still got the RFi from neighbors printers and chargers and modems, etc.    Thank you for taking the time to answer me.

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I have not heard of a "de-buzz coil" - do you have a link or name by chance?  This is interesting.

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