Solar Panels

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Do Solar Panels on the roof of a home pose a risk from EMFs or dirty electricity? The inverter is in the basement. The panels are on the entire back half of the house - on the roof above the second floor bedrooms, and on the garage. Thank you.

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This link might be helpful to answer your question.http://www.createhealthyhomes.com/solar_panels.php Most likely you will come across dirty electricity issues if you have Solar panels. The best way to ensure what you are dealing with is to measure it inside your home.

Graham Stetzer meter is an inexpensive, user friendly meter that will tell you exactly what you are dealing with. http://www.stetzerizer-us.com/microsurge-meter-for-dirty-electricity.html The filters are very helpful with dirty electricity. There are also other ways to reduce dirty electricity such as whole house filters. For more specific solutions please feel free to schedule a phone consultation with our EMF professional Shaun Kranish and the owner of www.electrahealth.com. This is a link to his pricing. Thank you! http://www.stetzerizer-us.com/Phone-Consulting-with-Shaun-Kranish--Owner-of-ElectraHealthcom_p_77.html