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Ethernet Grounding with Cat5

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Seth Lindstrom
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Cat5 is typically only 100mbps unless your cable is Cat5e which will handle 1000mbps. Cat5 is typically out of date and I have not seen any shielded ethernet cords that are cat5. You would want to pickup some of our cat6 or cat7 shielded ethernet cables in order to ground them. Unshielded ethernet cables cannot be grounded and more times than not - you will find that cat5 is not shielded and is the lowest tier of ethernet cable. I recommend an upgrade to cat6 or greater. We only carry shielded ethernet cable and you are also going to want a grounding adapter of some type in order to achieve this goal. Maybe we should schedule a call so that I can guide you through your grounding process to make sure we have everything we need to make your setup optimal for Low EMF.

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- Electrahealth Team

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