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How do I set up 2 laptops with a plastic (ungrounded) Zyxel 1100Z router? I have shielded grounded cables and grounded loops


I received my shielded, grounded CAT6 ethernet cables and grounded loops from ElectraHealth. So far I've tried plugging a grounded loop into the router, then a cable into that, and the cable into my laptop, but my symptoms got worse. So I tried plugging the grounded loop into the laptop, the ethernet cable into that, and the ethernet cable into the router. 

Is this correct? If not, what else do I need to do/change?

One laptop is a Surface with a Surface Hub, which looks to have metal ports. I think the other laptop has metal ports. The router is plugged into a 2-prong outlet via an extension cord. The Surface Hub is plugged into a power strip plugged into a 3 prong outlet. I have Greenwave electrical outlet filters on all 3-prong outlets in my house.

Thanks so much for your help.