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Faraday cage for router

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Why don’t you sell faraday cages for routers? Do they not work? If they do can you recommend which brands I should consider

Shaun A Kranish Principal
  • Answered

Routers are designed poorly - they transmit usually at least 20 times a second and sometimes more.  They are usually set to transmit at full power.

Rather than trying to shield something that is designed poorly, we recommend buying a router that is designed correctly and gives you complete control over its output.  You can completely turn the WiFi off, or set it to a percentage of power.  The way we do them, they also transmit 1 time per second instead of 20+

Router cages/shields/boxes have unpredictable and varying results for effectiveness.  If you had a room full of lit cigars, you'd rather get them extinguished and removed than simply install an air purifier, right?  Similarly, it is better to fix the problem the right way than to try to cover it up with poor results.

Here are routers that are designed properly:

ElectraHealth Principal

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