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EMF in sunbeds

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I was wondering if sunbeds in typical salons create a ton of non-ionizing EMF, assuming they do not have bluetooth (not sure if that is common - I have not used a sunbed in decades). I was thinking of starting a membership for the winter mostly for vitamin D optimization, which I am not able to achieve with supplements. But I am wondering if instead of doing my health a favor I am just going to be blasted with harmful radiation - I know UVA and UVB in excess are harmful but in small doses they are extremely beneficial, especially for darker skin people living in the far north. My question was more about the EMF in other frequencies outside UVA and UVB.

There are also UVA and UVB emitting, small, non-professional lamps that people can buy. Those do not go in contact with the body, so maybe they would be better?

Thank you so much in advance for any opinion!!