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Extra ground wire carrying current

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Hello, I have taken the steps to mitigate stray current on our cable line, our stove top, and from our water main but have still been battling effects within our home.  I just found that we had amperage on a ground wire that comes out of our electrical panel and bonds to a water pipe about 10 feet away. What is the purpose of this extra ground? Can it be removed? Maybe it's how the house was grounded many years ago? 

Please note, we have stray current that occurs with our clothes dryer and we haven't been able to get that a new circut yet. Electrician said that the wiring wasnt strong enough to do without a whole new circuit.. When we turn this on, amperage basically goes on every metal clad circut I can measure, but most or it goes on this ground wire.

I unscrewed the extra wire bond to the water pipe and the amperage went away at that point, but if I measure closer to the panel, I still get an amperage reading. Kind of scary. Where does it go?  What do you recommend? I have attached photos and would be interested in a phone consult if you think that would be easier. Thanks!

Shaun A Kranish Principal
  • Answered

Hello Heidi,

This is very common.  It is usually easily fixable too - so that is the good news :)  I want you to get a deeper understanding of the problem, why it happens, and how to fix it.  You can do this with our eBook on current on plumbing/pipes/etc and ground loops here:

I would HIGHLY recommend reading this before having any contractors do any work.  This book could save you a fortune.  Also, you might consider a consultation where we can go over things 1-on-1 and cover both the water/plumbing pipes and the dryer issue.  So before you spend money with an electrician, who could likely do work and not fix the problem, you can get the correct advice for your particular situation and save money and frustration.

ElectraHealth Principal

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