I have seen that you sell the electrical plug type

James Murray 2 years ago updated by Shaun A Kranish (Principal) 2 years ago 1

How much for a set of 14 filters, 2 adaptors & microsurge meter in Australian plug type?


We do not sell Stetzerizer filters suitable for 200+ volt.  We only sell the 120 volt version, which cannot be adapted or used for 240 volt.  The only way they could be would be to properly install 2 stetzerizers in series, but that is complicated and not something the average person could safely do.

We can definitely send you a Microsurge Meter - they are usable with all voltages.  We ship to Australia regularly.  The best way would be to check out through the website.  If there is an issue or anything with the shipping cost, we can double-check it for you (just put a note in the checkout) to make sure it is accurate, but it should be.  We do not mark up shipping - the third-party system just calculates it and fairly accurate.


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