interesting subject: how to grounded a water pump fountain

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Hi Seth

I just want to follow up with you that I got the edge router x reset in a secure way without rebuilding the software. I had help around here in PA.

Different subject: water pump fountain for cat.

I was looking for water fountain for my cat and I happened to find well safe water fountain with pump. The lowest pump they gave me is 4 watts (See the picture attached below). I used the trifield meter to detect mag and elec and rf. The RF is super low like 0.02 or 0.2...but the MAG and ELEC are over 400mg and 400+V/m. The current water pump I had have only 2 prong plug in so it is not grounded water pump. It's very silence but the meter is showing a really high measurement. I'm not sure if this is considered safe for cat's/dog's health. I feel maybe having a three prong that have the grounded part for the water pump.

I feel there's solution list below:

1. perhaps needed a three prong plug-in and the ensure the wall outlet is grounded
2. If the wall outlet is grounded, maybe getting your power strip as well
3. Needed a grounded 4 wattGe with 80GPH or lesser for small fountain
4. Or get a portable battery pack . So three prong water pump plug into the portable battery pack?

The guy said from Etsy: 

The pumps we use are actually better than that model. We experimented with a wide variety before we determined that we preferred this one we use and have for 8 years with no problem. It is specifically made to be submersible and will kick around up to 80 gph when at full speed. Our fountains are small so low to medium is all that is needed. No electrical issues ever except for a few letting it run dry then it will overheat and “burn” itself out.
For as efficient as it is it uses low wattGe as well, so it saves in electric costs although it runs 24/7.
Thank you for your input.

How do I reduce the mag and electric lower where it can be considered safe for pets
Thought it will be cool to discuss about this. by the way I've shared your website to all my network and support your business. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you Mac

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Seth Lindstrom
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Let me take a look! Hope you are well my friend!

- Seth

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Hi Seth,

thank you and just following up with you about this message aboved. I'm looking forward to hearing from you thanks Mac

Seth Lindstrom

I am not too familiar with this type of scenario, I am going to ask Shaun if he would be willing to answer this question as a public ticket so that we can help others looking for answers in the same type of scenario. Would this be agreeable? This way we can help others as well! Let me know what you think!

- Seth

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Shaun A Kranish Principal

Pumps are tough because they do tend to throw magnetic fields.  The magnetic field is from the motor - the windings of course - and the electric field is from the AC power.  The electric field is between the earth and everything on it (building materials) and the "hot" conductor aka ungrounded conductor.  Shielding and grounding really aren't an option inside of a tank like this.  So the pump is submersible and actually sits in the drinking water for the cat?

You could reduce the electric field by connecting it to an isolation transformer.  You would only need a very small one too, so that is an option.  This floats the hot/neutral going to the water tank so they don't have a reference to ground.  Would also help protect against electrocution too.

Cats seem to love EMF, but dogs and people don't.  As for magnetic field, you would have to build a tank that you could then shield with magnetic field shielding material like mumetal and giron.  You can't put those metals inside the tank - they would need to be on the outside of the tank.  Another solution would be to install an occupancy sensor and have a contactor that defaults to off.  Then you could detect when you or the cat are near and it should turn the pump off.  Complicated to setup, but would work.  Then when you leave it would resume recirculating water.

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