About Ground Loop Isolator

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I have bought your ethernet grounding adapter kit and was using it in my wired internet system. In my measurements there was a significant decrease in electrical fields but the effect is maximum if the cable is on the grounding adapter kit ( other cables from the same switch or router has decreased electrical fields but not to the same degree)

I was planning to buy more of this product to plug one to router/modem and the others to LAN switches or buy one for each ethernet cable but it seems it would create a ground loop current.

My TV is also on the network which is grounded by standard means and I use grounding USB for my laptop so even with one ethernet grounding kit I have potential problems.

My 3 questions:

1- What is the technology of the ground loop isolator you sell (break in the shield, resistor in the shield, isolation transformer). It would be beneficial to have more information about this on the website and how the ground isolator would be used.

2- Any speculation on the typical magnitude and effect of this ground loop current.

3- Is it better to have a lower electrical field with multiple grounds and have positive ground loop current or only one ground with higher electrical fields and no ground loop current? Because it is an electrical current which creates electrical and magnetic fields one should be able to measure it with a high quality electrical/magnetic field meter and decide if it is significant enough or whether multiple grounds are better or worse? would that be correct assumption