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How do I know if my smart meter is a problem?

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How do I know if my smart meter (electric) is putting out EMFs - it was installed approx 2018 in southern CA? If it is putting out EMFs is this 5G or some other frequency?

I called SCE to ask about it and they said it has very low transmissions.

Do you sell a cage for these - I dont see one on your site?    Is there a certain brand that you recommend?

Shaun A Kranish Principal
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The best way to know how much of a problem (I'm sure the meter is a problem) is to measure.  I would recommend the Safe and Sound Pro II meter for this purpose.  It's our newest and favorite meter, as it shows Peaks, Max (Peak Hold), and Average (RMS) readings.

Then you can also identify and eliminate other sources on your property too.  People usually have more sources than just the smart meter, so having a meter like this will help you quickly find them, measure them, and reduce (or better yet eliminate) them.

We do not sell cages.  Some cages can help (make sure to get stainless steel).  But it really depends on how well you install the cages too.  So...this brings us back to needing to measure before AND after and compare to make sure the install is good and as good as possible.

"Very low transmissions" when coming from a company especially, are meaningless.  Very low compared to what I would ask them.  It's an outrageous statement considering all of the smart meters I've seen, without exception, emit extremely powerful pulses and emit them pretty frequently (some more than others of course).  They are horrible and make people very ill.

ElectraHealth Principal

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Joyce Fitzpatrick

Thanks Shaun!    

Can you tell me if this meter will be helpful on 5G frequencies?   It says it helps with the following - is this the majority of 5G frequencies: 

  • Will measure 5G cellular if between (200MHz - 8GHz)

Also I bought a different meter a few years back - it is 

Cornet ED88TPlus2 Latest Version EMF/RF Detector/Acoustic and Low Frequency Gaussmeter and Electric Field Meter - Measures Wide Range of Frequencies (Red)

It does not measure 5G and I have not found it very useful - will your meter provide more info than this one?

I appreciate your assistance - I do not feel that i am sensitive to EMFs however every time my sister is visiting she says our house has too much EMF and she cannot sleep, etc.