Safe & Sound Pro II vs Gigahertz Solutions HF35C

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I'm having a hard time deciding whether to get the https://www.electrahealth.com/safe_and_sound_pro_meter.html Safe and Sound Pro II or the Gigahertz Solutions HF35C or . . . 

Is the Safe n Sound Pro II well built, durable, rugged, reliable, etc. Is it as accurate as the HF35C?  Is it as directional as the HF35C?  For example, will the Safe & Sound Pro II cut out background noise and focus on a baby monitor so I can show my kids what they are doing to my grandchildren?  

I read a review by a mechanical designer with 30 years' experience who said that the antenna on the HF35C is quite (very) difficult to get on and off.  

I am an engineer, and I like to study, I like gadgets, and I like numbers.  I don't just want a bunch of lights that light up on my meter.  I want to know the exact reading, peak & RMS, and I want accuracy.  Will the Safe & Sound Pro II give me as much information as the HF35C?  

Do I really need 0.001 - 2,500,000 uW/sq. m., or is 0.1 - 1999 uW/sq. m. sufficient?  (Assuming the HF35C is the better meter.)  [Was the 0.001 uW/sq. m. a misprint on some specs I read?  Your website says the Safe & Sound Pro II only goes down to 0.5 uW/sq. m.]  But I want to measure down to at least 0.1 uW/sq. m. or lower.  

Do I really need 200 MHz - 8 GHz, or is 800 - 2500 MHz sufficient?  (Assuming the HF35C is the better meter.)  

Should I be looking at the HFE35C or the HF38B?  

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Hi Dave,

Both meters are fantastic meters.  You really can't go wrong with either one.  The Safe and Sound Pro 2 is much, MUCH newer.  It was designed from the ground up for the purpose of measuring RF for biological purposes.  It does provide more information than the HF35C - "max" which is a peak hold.  The HF35C does not have this, and it is actually an extremely nice feature to have.

The Safe & Sound Pro 2 was engineered in multiple countries and is third-party tested for accuracy.  Measuring RF is an inaccurate enterprise - always - but both of these meters are very good and far better than anything in their price range or below.

The extra range of the SS Pro 2 could come in handy for current and upcoming 5G technology that goes beyond 2.4gHz.  Also, 5gHz WiFi can be measured as well with the SS Pro 2.  The high power density capability is not really necessary, but sort of a bonus as well.  Obviously anything that's even a fraction of the power density the HF35C can handle is considered undesirable and likely harmful.  So the extra frequency range is very good, and the power density is just a little bonus.

Directionally, the HF35C wins as it is designed to really amplify the waves it points to.  It is a nice feature, but not necessary in my opinion.  It's nice to have both a direction and non-direction meter.  We use this approach professionally.  However, if I had to choose only one then I chose the omnidirectional meter.  I can use my body to block radiation coming from almost 180 degrees by holding the meter close to my torso.  Then I can slowly turn my body to determine directionality.  I have used this approach professionally (with another meter) quite a bit after there was an accident that ruined an antenna for my HF59B.

I would definitely recommend the Safe Living Technologies Safe and Sound Pro 2 meter all the way for you.  You'll be very happy, and it will definitely allow you to measure those baby monitors!  Measure and document with a video too (make sure cell phone is in airplane mode with wifi/bluetooth off).

I hope this is really helpful.  Thanks!

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Your response is extremely helpful.  Thank you VERY much for solving my dilemma!  I'm going with the Safe and Sound Pro 2!


You'll love it. Let us know if we can help in the future :) Here is the link to that product for convenience: https://www.electrahealth.com/safe_and_sound_pro_meter.html We keep them in stock always and will ship one out to you immediately and provide you with the tracking number via email. Have a great evening!

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