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Will arlo cameras work with EWD2 when in automatic sleep mode?

rga24 2 years ago updated by Shaun A Kranish (Principal) 2 years ago 1
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Yes, any device such as this once registered with the router (the MAC of the device registered with the router) will be capable of waking the router.  The router will not go into sleep mode while the device is communicating with it.  If the camera is trying to send packets somewhere to a host (a computer or other device or cloud service, etc) then it will keep the router awake.  If the camera is not sending anything, then the router could go into sleep mode.  I am not familiar with these cameras enough to know if the camera will go to sleep as well, but my guess would be that the camera would not go into sleep mode - it is probably communicating with a cloud service all the time.

However, sleep mode or not, you will enjoy a drastic reduction in radiation by switching to this router and eliminating your current router or completely shutting off its wireless (elimination of the router is the best so that we know it will never turn on again by your Internet provider).  Switching to our router will most likely reduce the amount of radiation you are receiving from your WiFi router by greater than 98%!!!  The more things you wire up the better.  This router also makes a great gift for the holidays, since sooooo many people use WiFi and are exposed to unbelievably high amounts of radiation.  Ultimately these technologies are most probably not safe, but this router is a good stepping stone to reduce exposure by eliminating the vast majority of the radiation that normally comes from the router.

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