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Use of stetzer filters and power strip products for office and travel


I’d like to get some Stetzer filters to test whether I am comfortable with them, now that I have a Stetzerizer Microsurge Meter and can see that I need filters at home and in my office. I’m wondering if I can use/them in my office at work and when I travel, without addressing any underlying wiring errors. I see in some comments people have referred to using them in offices. My office has GS readings that are quite high - one outlet is over 2000. There are 3 computer stations there and a mini-split.

My questions:

1. Is it safe to install Stetzer filters at my office and when traveling, when I am not able to have any underlying wiring errors addressed? I assume I should check outlets with a tester first to be sure that they are grounded and correctly wired. 

2. What if outlets are not grounded or correctly wired? Can I still use the filters temporarily for better safety or am I creating an unsafe situation if it do?

3. I have noticed that conventional power strips reduce the GS units in my readings, so I am leaving them plugged in currently at home and in office while I consider my next steps. I’m trying to decide about your power strip products and which to use. Would it be appropriate to use the wall unit for surge protecting aspect and then plug your shielded/grounded power strip into that for TV and computer areas?

4. Is it safe to install your power strip and wall unit in situations like my office, when I am not able to address any underlying wiring errors?

5. Is it okay to continue use of conventional power strips if they are plugged into your wall unit?