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Electric panel outside home

marcymarchello 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 2

My main electric panel is outdoors under the house in a crawl space. There is an outlet there I’d like to plug a Stetzer filter into. Is this okay to do? They say use indoors only. I’m wondering whether I should have an electrician install a second outlet there as well, since you have recommended using 2 outlets for Stetzer filters at the main panel.

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I can't technically recommend a product that's designed or rated for indoor use to be used outdoors.  But with Stetzerizerd filters I know people have.  If it were me, I would install them (and actually I did this at my house as the main is outside) in a weatherproof junction box like a NEMA 3 metal or plastic box.  I installed this directly next to my panel and it currently has 2 Stetzerizers in it - one on each leg.  That would be the best thing.  Maybe I even put a little electrical contact corrosion protection compound on the prongs too to make sure the connection would stay good longer.

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Thanks Shaun - that is very helpful info and I will look into the NEMA 3 box you suggest.