do digital non-rf meters still emit unhealthy frequencies

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Thank you so much for confirming what over 10 years of personal (physical effects..) experience has told me!  I opted out with Pacific Power in Oregon and they refused to give me an analog meter, so I got the smart meter removed with a hefty fee and took the digital.  It didn't help at all so it's great now for me to know why.  Now I have to figure out how to deal with them again -- as it is, I haven't been able to live in the house for 2-1/2 yrs now -- but still paying them for unhealthy, dirty electricity along with all the other bills.

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Yes, digital electric meters (meters that are made of plastic and have digital LCD displays on them) pose a threat.  Old-fashioned analog meters with gears and dials are safe.  Analog meters do NOT contain a switch-mode power supply.  Digital meters DO contain a SMPS which can create high-frequency pollution in the air and on the wiring which goes throughout the building.  This is a health risk.  All switch mode power supplies are different, producing different amounts of different frequencies.  They all vary.  But an analog meter is a clean linear device.  This is why analog meters are preferred, since there are no real standards on devices for electrical pollution/dirty electricity.

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Re non smart digital electric meters.  

1) Not sure I can get an electrician to install analog in my city.  Handyman maybe. 

2) iF installed, I still have to notify Florida Power and LIght that I now have anallog. Since all  Wouldn't it be better to get their non-standard digital. first installed - then swap it out?  Do you still call FPL after that to alert them or just swap and see what happens?  

3) Re non-smart basic digital meter provided by ultily.  It's not wifi, just producing dirty electricity.  Is that likely to be worse than any other computer device plugged in at my house which also has SMPS switching. That can be addressed to some degree with a Stetzer or other filter for the hourse  (Power perfect or other).  ?  

Shaun, do you agree?  Any clarification?  Thanks.  

Everyone is affected and sensitive to a different extent.  Some people can absolutely not stand certain meters.  It really depends on the power grid, the combination of other devices, and what frequencies are present as well as the individual's own composition and health.  So, a huge number of variables.  That's why for many, analog is the way to go.  In most places, having electricity is required by local codes/rules.  It's not like having and using a cell phone, which is optional.  Having running water and electric are mandatory...As such we should never be required to have a device that generates harmful frequencies.  We've sold thousands of analog meters to people who solve the problem for themselves.

Be forceful and belligerent and unbending with the power company until they let you have an analog.l is my advice.

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