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Fixing EMI from Laptop

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Hello! I have a question regarding EMI. I went through my house and tested for EMI using the Line EMI meter from Trifield/AlphaLabs. The only serious issues I came across were with some LED lights and with my laptop computer. My question is regarding the laptop - it causes very high EMI readings on that meter - it jumps around from 150 mVp-p to 1,500 mVp-p. I tried a USB ground cord from another store- but it didn't change anything. I also am using this network ground adapter - - with my computer but it doesn't affect the EMI from the laptop it seems. Grounding the laptop to the outside of my house isn't really feasible for me.

Do you know of any ways to fix this and reduce the EMI? Would any of the following items help or be relevant?

I know also a tiny bit about Stetzerizer Filters - - but seeing as the EMI issue is really only coming from my laptop (and the LED lights but I'm going to change those), I'm wondering if there are any other options besides getting a lot of filters.

If you have any advice I'd greatly appreciate it! Thank you very much!