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How can I use a curling iron without being effected by emfs?

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Shaun A Kranish Principal
  • Answered

There are going to be some EMFs from curling irons that are unavoidable.  They use a resistive heating element to heat up the metal.  Cleaning up the power in the house with filters would help reduce exposure to high frequencies.  Using an isolation transformer could also help clean up the power and reduce exposure to electric fields.  But the magnetic fields will be constant even with the filtering mentioned above.

I don't think any curling irons use electronics.  I could be wrong, but my guess would be they are all just resistive heating elements.  So my recommendation really is to reduce EMF/EMR/EMI exposure elsewhere in your environment as much as possible, since this battle probably can't be won completely.  But we could definitely reduce your exposure elsewhere all the time which would be a great benefit for you.

ElectraHealth Principal

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