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Best Lighting For GU10 Base?

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Hi... So I have two overhead small lights above the couch that we had red LED gu10 base lights in. Learning and I come to find out that these produce DE. So I tested with an am radio and yep, lots of stuff picked up. I saw other questions and you mentioned halogen. It seems in the gu10 base, halogens have been phased out, as everything is led. But I think I can find some from overseas. So with a gu10 base would this be the best option? I saw some on ebay but it all says dimmable and I thought dimming anything is bad. I cannot find red incandescent gu10 base anywhere. lol

Kris Manders
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Thank you for your question. I will look into this and get back to you

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Hi... I think I found the answer after researching more :)  They have gu10 adapters where you put them in and you can screw a incadescent light into it, to mitigate as best one can from the leds or halogen options. :)

Shaun A Kranish Principal
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I believe GU10 is 120 volt.  Does it say 210 volt on your fixture and on the bulbs you removed from it?

GU10 120 volt halogen is clean - you can use them.  They are terribly inefficient as in they produce a lot of heat, but they are completely clean.  LED would obviously be NOT clean and should never be used.  The same goes with having a dimmer switch - that would be NOT clean as well.  But you can use the little GU10 120 volt halogen bulbs all day long.  Just don't touch them - ouch!

ElectraHealth Principal

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