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wired internet used up my smartphone data plan and the Wifi doesn't do that.

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This might be interesting to you all. I had wired internet in my home and I used Ethernet adapter to plug into the smartphone. I discovered that it used up all my data plan when I turn off the cellular and WiFi on the phone. I am getting a free internet and that is great. The radiation/emf reduced greatly. Now my question is how do I save the data plan because if I turn on the wifi, i didn't lose any of these data plan. How is this Wifi can do what my wired internet cant do? Thank you

Shaun A Kranish Principal
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Sounds like a bug with your phone/company.  Wired Ethernet uses your Internet through the house/office, so won't use actual cellular data.  But maybe the phone is counting it towards that.  Did you check your phone bill to see if it actually did use it up?  Sounds like you may have to call them about this.  I've never heard of this before, but sounds like a bug.  It might just be showing you that it's using it up but actually not getting counted on your bill - so I would compare bill with what your phone says to see.  Let us know :)

ElectraHealth Principal

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