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Spring greetings from Japan. My name is Ren from Tokyo and I’ve come across your website while I was searching for Dirty Electricity filters products. I’m interested in purchasing the DNA filters but not sure which one and how many to buy for my apartment, which is sized about less than 1,000 sq feet.

First of all I would like to ask for clarification on whether they can be used for 100V, 50 or 60Hz electrical system in Japan?? For residential application the single phase three wire system(100V/200V, 50/60Hz) is common here.

Secondly do both RxDNA-2X and RxDNA-V3LF need to be plugged into a dedicated outlet at the main breaker panel?? As my apartment is rental, it’s not possible to add a new outlet at the main breaker panel. In this case do I need to purchase PxDNA, which presumably can be plugged into any outlet in the house? Plug-ins type is preferred.

One thing I’m concerned with the PxDNA is that I’ve read on the manufacture’s page that the PxDNA filter actually draws DE into the device and can create magnetic fields. This sounds very similar to how Greenwave filters work and I had a very bad experience from using the Greenwave filters. The number on my Greenwave DE meter did decrease significantly when I used the filters but it made me feel a headache all the time while the filters were plugged in. I’ve never used the Stetzer filters but heard that they work very similarly to the Greenwave filters.

Also I’m curious to know if the DNA line filters would work better than Satic's Pure Power Plugin??

Thank you in advance for your help and support


Ren Makino

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Hi Ren,

Could we please convert this topic into a public topic so that others may benefit from the answers as well?

I am personally not a huge fan of the PxDNA filters, because their effectiveness seems quite limited.  We sell them as some people enjoy them and ask specifically for them, but we do not normally recommend them.

The V2X and V3LF are definitely the two filters to consider.  They will work with your power system.  You will need an IEC320 c13 cable.  You could actually hook the filters up line-to-line (200 volt) OR use 2 separate filters line-to-neutral (100 volt each). 2 filters would be better than one.

You can use the outlet nearest the electric panel.  Or if you can find 2 outlets that are on separate lines/legs (sometimes an easy way to determine this is to use the Stetzerizer meter...different readings often mean different legs vs same or nearly-same readings could indicate same leg).

The numbering of the breakers can tell you with more certainty which line/leg an outlet is on.

Greenwave filters were copycats of Stetzerizer filters, which are the original.  Greenwave has gotten some of its design wrong.  We also aren't thrilled on the copycat aspect of it, but do wish Stetzer would update their filters and feature an outlet.  But we absolutely do not recommend Greenwave at this time due to design flaws.

Some people do report adverse affects with Stetzer/Greenwave type filters.  While we haven't seen that with DNA filters, the sales volume is not at all comparable.  But I do believe based on what I have seen that capacitive type filters can cause some people adverse affects.  The positive effects of the Stetzerizer Filters are so common that we still recommend everyone try them and experiment with them to see if it improves their health.  Power systems and devices on the system and grid are so complex with endless variations, as are humans and their DNA and other makeup and environmental health factors.  Some people thrive off foods that others are deathly allergic to, for example, and everything in between.  So, with Stetzer Filters we recommend experimenting and trying them out.

I can't think of a single instance of negative feedback on the DNA filters yet.  We can certainly get one or two filters off to you.

Thank you!

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Hi Shaun,

Thank you for getting back to me quickly with very helpful advice. Yes please feel free to post your answers on your website so that other people can benefit from reading them! 

As a whole house filter installment is not possible this question may not be relevant at this point but I was just curious to know if you have any review on Sinetamer filter series?? Also Satic’s Pure Plug-in and Perfect Power Box fitter??

Thank you so much again for your help. I’m definitely interested in the Rx DNA filters but if I need to purchase two of them unfortunately it’s over my budget. Price wise the PxDNA filters are much more realistic but as you pointed out if their effectiveness is limited then I would like to go with the Rx. I may not be able to order them so soon but in the near future! 

Best regards


Everything I've heard about Satic products is that they are overpriced and poor performing.  You'd be better off trying a couple Stetzerizer filters by the main breaker, and it will cost you a tiny tiny fraction of what a "Perfect Power" will.  So I would steer clear of Satic.  I've also heard very shady things about the company.

The SineTamer is newer to the EMF health scene.  I have not seen good testing on it yet.  I actually have a couple of them, but haven't had the chance to thoroughly test them out.  When I dealt with the company, they were a little shady in that they got super defensive when I asked what was inside and how they worked.  I don't know what the big secret is...they don't make a difference on the Stetzerizer Meter - I was surprised by this.

We still recommend the Rx series and Stetzerizer filters for these reasons.  We will always be straight forward and honest about products, regardless if we sell them or manufacture them ourselves or not.

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Thank you so much again for your advice and honest opinion! As there is very little information available online about a comparison of different DE filters brands your answer here is so helpful.

Based on your advice I think I would go with the Rx filters then! Again when ready in the future.