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Mitigation of switch mode power supply/ transformer

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I have exterior landscape- lighting that works off a transformer that has multiple switch mode power supplies. It is located outside up against the back of my house. I am concerned this is creating dirty electricity. I measured outlets near this transformer with my alpha labs line meter reader. The levels in most areas in my house are 100 or below but this area is around 200 to 220.

I already have two sets of the DNA RX moderate to high filter. One set at each of my circuit boards.

A consultant recommended I get another DNA filter to mitigate at the site of the transformer. I am willing to do this but the transformer is outside and these filter are not to be outside. I also have a similar transformer in the garage that I can plug a DNA RX filter into.

Is there another mitigation option that can be used outside? Should I plug it indoors near the transformer or should I plug it in and try to connect it directly to the specific circuit at the circuit board?

What are you thoughts? Suggestions?

Thank you

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Seth Lindstrom
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Hi Annette,

Would you care if I made this ticket public? I believe we can get Shaun to answer this in detail and we would love to be able to have others benefit from the information as well. Is this acceptable?

- Seth

- Electrahealth Team

Annette Chance

Hi Seth,

Yes that is fine. It can be made public.

Thank you.


Shaun A Kranish Principal
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You could also use Stetzerizer filters - they can often get the readings down very well compared to the RxDNA filters.  They are great for placing at main breaker panels.  It depends on which version of RxDNA filter you have.  We provide those filters as well.  The best version is the V3LF.

Have you shut off the transformer unit to verify that it is the cause of your higher readings?  That transformer might just be an AC transformer and not a switch-mode power supply.  But perhaps the lights on it are electronic and non-linear lights (like LEDs) and it's actually the lights causing the problem.

There are larger filters available too.  a DNA line filter - desktop version - could be placed in there.  But I would first go with Stetzerizer Filters and see how the results are.

ElectraHealth Principal

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Annette Chance

I am trying to work with an electrician who loves LED  lights and does not appreciate the dirty electricity aspect. Apparently I have approximately 35 led lights bulbs around my house. I used to have halogen bulbs but they were changed out to LED by my husband due to convenience and longevity awhile ago. We have two transformers using low voltage. I sent a picture of one. One is in the garage and one is on the exterior attached to the back of my house. The lighting electrician said I may be able to have all lights ran off of the transformer in the garage. I have a RxDNA V2X  to plug into the outlet the light transformer plugs into in the garage. Another consultant thought that would help. If the exterior transformer is still needed I was wondering if you have any external products or if I have to try to isolate the circuit it is on and attach a filter at the circuit board. I hope I am explaining this well. I will have the electrician identify the circuit and try to shut it off, but I am sure that many led bulbs are causing problems as well.. I am staying away from the stetzerizer filters.

If there is any more information you need please let me know.

I am not sure what would work for an exterior application and if the RX DNA V2X filter I have for the garage is the best model in this circumstance. What would be the best method to test this? What factors determine this?  Please let me know what information you need to make a specific recommendation. I will try to gather this info and then have a consult with you.

I already have 4 total of these filters attached to my  two separate circuit panels.