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how to hardwired android phone? what kind/brand will work? how to enable ethernet to usb tethering?

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how to hardwired android phone? what kind/brand will work? how to enable ethernet to usb tethering? The Android phone wouldn't let it open. Thank you

Shaun A Kranish Principal
  • Answered

There are a number of brands that work well.  In fact, I can't think of any particular brand of adapter that has shown issues.  Occasionally on some older phones or older versions of Android OS there are issues.  But nowadays it's usually just plug-and-play.  There is not a setting one has to enable/disable or anything like that.  A little Ethernet icon should show up.

The Ultimate adapter is really good - it comes with a USB C connector and can work with Android phones well.  The Ultimate does work with IPhones as well, although my team tells me they have heard some slight issues.  We have had issues with other IPhone Ethernet adapters too, so it may be more of an IPhone thing than anything.  If the phone has native USB-C support then the ulti would be good.  Otherwise use a lightning to USB adapter from Amazon or directly from Apple.

It's best to use a phone on battery and not be connected to a charger, or to use a battery pack versus being plugged-into a charger.  However, when you plug into a charger you can use the USB Grounding Adapter so that the charger cable is grounded.  Currently the ultimate adapter does not provide charging - we plan to release a new version that will.  However, it also grounds the Ethernet cable, so that is a big advantage.  Or you can ground the Ethernet cable by the switch/router with a grounding adapter (if your switch/router does not have groundable metal ports and is not already grounded).

So there are many adapters on Amazon for example that work great with Android.  Really any of them these days should work fine.  There is nothing I need to steer you away from because there are known issues.  They should all work.

ElectraHealth Principal

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