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a few questions, I spoke with Seth this morning (great guy!) and wanted to ask additionally to make sure I am getting what I need...  

1-I mentioned my daughters are sleeping in a room with an electrical panel box.  will the plug in filters help with this or will they only mitigate what is coming from the outlet?  if so, what would I need to help with dirty electricity coming from the panel?  We are building a home and this is a temporary situation, so we cannot install anything on her panel here, however, my next questions are for our new home and what we would need there (not temporary so we can install on a panel). 

2-what would you say are the differences between the Power Perfect and the PxDNA and RxDNA you carry for whole house dirty electricity protection? Do either of these products protect against the more global issue of EMF/5G/Dirty Electricity (or do they only protect from dirty electricity and I need another product for help with the EMF- and if so, what product is that)

3-I have friends saying they know someone who used the filter plug ins and they ended up making the situation worse, I am not sure how, but some EMF professional told them they were causing an issue.  


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thank you so much. I will definitely be calling you. I appreciate your response!

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Seth Lindstrom
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Hi There!

I will get right on this and see if I can get a detailed answer for you via Shaun. Please allow me some time to make this happen. Thanks for your patience! Be Well!

- Seth

- Electrahealth Team


yes thanks!  Will I be emailed the response or will I need to check this page? 

Shaun A Kranish Principal
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1.  The area where the power comes to the house (underground or overhead) and then attaches to the wall on the outside of the house where the electric meter is, as well as around the main breaker panel - these areas are ALWAYS elevated with magnetic fields.  This is due to the electrical current being used inside the house.

However, very often the size and reach of this field is extended hugely - sometimes 100 to 5000% in size due to current on water pipes.  Check out some of the videos here

This is easy to fix, and we explain it all in our book here:

We also explain in great detail other issues with current on pipes and how to easily fix them.

If you are building a home and aware/conscious of the health effects of EMF, now is the time to ensure you're doing everything with the new home to minimize your exposure and make sure you aren't creating any new problems.  I also have a small ebook on this topic - New Construction.  I would really recommend we do a phone consult and go over some things, and I can also get you that book.  There are some really wonderful things you can do for the house now that are very difficult/costly or nearly impossible to do later on!

If the plumbing pipe problem exists, or there are wiring errors in the house, then anything you plug into an outlet can potentially make fields worse.  Stetzerizer Filters are no exception to this.  It is recommended to have a Trifield Meter when installing Stetzerizer Filters to check to see if your house has any wiring issues.  The meter can also be used to see if any light circuits have wiring issues as well.  It can also be used to check the plumbing pipe and many other things.  We use the Trifield on Magnetic setting only.  But it is GREAT for that!

2.  I don't recommend the power perfect.  I have not had good experiences with that company, or heard good things about their products at this time.  That is why we don't carry them.  They are also very expensive.  You would be better off with 2 or 4 Stetzerzier Filters at the main breaker panel, and it will cost you a lot less.  The RxDNA V2X or V3LF are nice filters.  They are a bit of an investment, but very nice.  They can be combined with the inexpensive Stetzerizer Filters for even better filtering.

3.  It wiring errors, which are national electric code violations, were present at the location, or the plumbing pipe issue was present, then I can see how this could potentially make things worse.  We do get negative feedback on the Stetzerizer Filters.  Some people seem to be sensitive to them.  But we get very few returns.  We get a lot of positive feedback, and the filters have changed the lives of countless people all over the globe.  So I always recommend trying them and experimenting with them.  People notice the difference right away.  Plug them in spreading them throughout the house - using the meter as your guide - and feel the difference.  Have them in for 4 days or a week.  Then take them out and just set them on the floor by the outlet they came out of.  See how the house is for another 4 or so days.  Then plug them back in.

People have even seen the difference in their pets!  Pets, children, everything.  So, they are definitely worth a try.  I do not recommend Greenwave because there are design flaws.  Greenwave also just copied Stetzer, so that's another reason to support the original inventor.  But there are about 4 good reasons I do not recommend or sell Greenwave at this time.

I hope these answers were helpful.  Please let me know if you have more questions, and I hope I can speak with you about your new home!  Thank you!

ElectraHealth Principal

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April Atkinson

quick question, where do you install the RxDNA or V3LF?  they don't look like they attach to the panel.  do you have anything explaining how they work?  

do you have anything explaining how the stetzerizer filters work?  What exactly are they doing and why does it work and is what it changes the signal into healthy?  

where does a person buy the better light bulbs, like the incandescent?  they are nearly impossible to find in local stores where we live.