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Lithium / EMF / RF

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Hello, I have ordered several items from you over the past several years. I
recently purchased a pedometer (from which is not wireless
and does not contain any type of smart chips, but it does use a lithium
type battery. The outside of the box has warnings about the dangers of
handling any item where the lithium battery may have been damaged (which
mine has not).

But because of those warnings on the box, I am wondering if you can tell me
whether these are safe to wear up against the body? I know a wireless
device is not healthy against the body, and many people are saying they are
being harmed by fitbits and other such wireless tracking devices. But I am
not sure about a "regular" pedometer (non wireless, not transmitting),
because of the lithium battery ... Do you know?

I contacted the mfr. and I also tried googling it but I couldn't find
anything conclusive from that (hopefully that's a GOOD sign meaning it's
not a problem to wear one!).

Thank you!
Mrs. U

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Satisfaction mark by Mrs. U. 8 years ago

Thanks so much! Great service and customer support, as always!

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Shaun A Kranish Principal
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My initial thoughts would be that if it has no wireless capability then it's probably OK. Always go with how you feel, but small battery-operated devices like that are probably not a big problem for most people. Obviously anything wireless is a huge concern and it's nice to use a meter to always verify whether or not a device is putting out any microwave radiation.

Shaun A Kranish Principal
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