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my home has wells and septic tank built in 1963 I have the Original Galvanized Well tank.  Electrician Hooked Copper Ground rods to hot water tank that is a rheem 9yo and later that night after new circuit box installed I turned on hot water in kitchen and heard a pop near the hot water tank.  2 weeks later leaks all under house and tree roots ruined slab all over.  What Caused the POP?  Owned home since 1978 everything is 1963 code until that ground was done.  I have no idea if home has other galvanized/Iron under home.  I really need Help with this.   Nobody understands electrical current.  I also have a mastercool swamp cooler and hot water tank they hooked to was gas.  

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There's not a short answer for this one.  I'm not a fan of having tanks acting as grounding electrodes.  I have seen too much current traveling through these at times.  I would rather see tanks isolated with dielectric unions, PVC, PEX, etc so that there is a break in electrical condinuity.  Use ground rods for grounding electrodes, and they should be installed near the main breaker panel with at least 6 but perhaps even 4 gauge wire - the shortest run possible - going directly into main breaker panel or meter socket.  The clamp meter we carry here is an incredible tool for measuring this sort of thing!  It's extremely sensitive, and we are looking for a nice zero reading everywhere.  Anything other than zero means we've got AC current flowing through, and that's something we don't want to see on pipes.  http://www.stetzerizer-us.com/AC-Current-Clamp-Leaker--Large-Opening-Clampmeter--Ammeter_p_132.html

For more in-depth help with this, book a phone consultation with me here: http://www.stetzerizer-us.com/Phone-Consulting-with-Shaun-Kranish--Owner-of-ElectraHealthcom_p_77.html  I can go through a lot of other common issues, ask questions, and help you get to the bottom of all the mis-wiring so that it can be resolved properly.